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Egg breaking machines: PELBO products at a glance

At ERBER OG you can get professional egg breaking machines from PELBO. We are also your specialist and service partner for MOBA egg grading machines and packing lines.


The PELBO MICRO25 egg-breaking machine is designed for samall scale egg-breaking operations as well as foodstuff, pasta and pastry plants. It has a variable production capacity from 900 to 9.000 eggs/hour (2.5 – 25 cph).

The Micro25 is a whole egg breaker, that can be operated with chutes as well for great egg-yolk separation. Its compact size allows it to be installed just about anywhere, even in smaller places.

The machine can be equipped with either a manual loading system or a water-loader. When required, the Micro25 egg-breaker can also be supplied with a straight-forward egg washing machine.

The Micro25 is built in compliance with the strictest food hygiene standards. It is consequently all its components, identical to the ones in the high-capacity egg breakers. These components can be cleaned with ease and ensures reliable operation for many years.

Min. capacity: 900 eggs/hour or 3 cases/hour

Max. capacity: 9.000 eggs/hour or 25 cases/hour

Product specifications

Technical Data Micro25
Min. Capacity (eggs / hour) 900
Max. Capacity (eggs / hour) 9.000
Min. Capacity (cases / hour) 3
Max. Capacity (cases / hour) 25
Loading Manual
Seperation (chutes) Included
NANO Breakers 3M75

The PELBO NANO breaker 3M75 is a flexible egg breaking system designed for small sized egg processing plants. Nano3M75 breaker can process from 2.000 to 27.000 eggs/hour.

Since it is based on exactly the same technology as the high capacity Pelbo breakers, the same high reliability and performance can be expected. Combined with ease of use and low operating costs, this Moba machine is suitable for small to medium sized operations

The NANO 3M75 breaker can be equipped with separating trays allowing egg white/yolk separation. To increase the capacity up to 45.000 eggs/hour the breaker can be later upgraded to a NANO 3M125 breaker. This quick and easy installation can be done directly at the plants.

Product specifications

Technical Data NANO 3M75 NANO 5M125
Capacity (eggs / hour) 27 000 45 000
Range (Kartons/Stunde) 125 125
Upgrade 5M125
Rows 3 5
Loading Manual ZB100
Seperation (chutes) optional optional
SIMPLEX whole egg breakers

The PELBO SIMPLEX whole egg breakers are based on a worldwide proven technology.
The whole egg breakers are available in three versions:
72.000 eggs/hour, 144.000 eggs/hour and 180.000 eggs/hour.

Simplex breakers use the unique and innovative self-synchronization system of the main movement of the egg breaker. The breaker offers better performance and higher yield.

The hygienic design simplifies all cleaning procedures because it can be integrated with the plant CIP system. For an easy, fast and inexpensive CIP cleaning. Due to this, the maintenance of your equipment is minimized.

Practically all components are made of stainless steel Plastic materials are used ONLY for non-critical components. Routine maintenance operations are made easy because of the open access to all the parts of the machines. Simplex whole egg breakers are an answer when there is a need to improve egg breaking lines

Product specifications

Technical Data Simplex 6M200 Simplex 12M400 Simplex 15M500
Rows 6 12 15
Min. Capacity (eggs / hour) 20.000 40.000 40.000
Max. Capacity (eggs / hour) 72.000 144.000 180.000
Min. Capacity (cases / hour) 56 112 112
Max. Capacity (cases / hour) 200 400 500
Upgrade no
Loading Crono2 Crono4 Crono6
Separation Optional no no
SIMPLEX Egg Breakers / Seperators 3S75 and 5S125

The PELBO SIMPLEX egg breakers are designed for small to medium sized egg processing plants. They are available in two versions both capable of breaking eggs and separating yolk and albumen:

  • Simplex 3S75: from 2.000 up to 27.000 eggs/hour
  • Simplex 5S125: from 18.000 up to 45.000 eggs/hour

The Simplex 3S75 breaker is developed in such a way that an upgrade to the Simplex 5S125 is a possibility. Such an upgrade can be done directly at the plant.

The Simplex egg breakers are based on the same technology as the high capacity Pelbo breakers. Resulting in a high level of reliability and performance.

Simplex breakers/separators can be equipped with the Albuchecker egg white scanning system for an automatic albumen inspection. Which results in obtaining premium quality egg white with a reduction of labor.

SYNCHRO Egg Breakers / Seperators 3S75 and 5S125

The Pelbo SYNCHRO egg breakers / separators are high capacity machines with high yields and a proven reliability.
Synchro breakers are available in six models from 20.000 eggs/hour up to 225.360 eggs/hour.

The highest capacity family member of the SYNCHRO series – the Synchro626 breaker – combines high capacity with slow and safe egg handling speed that is unseen in today´s market.
It is using the same proven technology as in the other Synchro breakers. Because of this there is no compromise in egg handling and this results in high proven yield, minimum whole egg quantities, high quality in egg white (less fat content) and an increase in yolk dry matter

Through the use of the unique and innovative self-synchronization system, the Synchro breakers offer better product performance.

The Synchro breakers are designed in such a way that product scanning and separation takes place on the same level. Product streams will never cross each other. This way of processing keeps product handling and zone washing completely separate. Connected to a CIP (Clean In Place) system it simplifies the cleaning procedures and offers fast and inexpensive hygiene. Due to this, the maintenance of your equipment is minimized.

The egg crackers and separation cups are constructed of stainless steel. This allowing heavy duty cleaning and offering lower wear.

All parts of the machines are easily accessible which makes routine maintenance operations effortless. Synchro breakers are the answer to your needs to improve your efficiency in egg breaking.

PELBO egg processing systems at ERBER OG

At ERBER OG you can get egg processing systems for your farm.

Ovolution integrated egg processing system

The Pelbo Ovolution system is a completely integrated egg processing system where all steps of liquid egg processing such as egg breaking, blending, pasteurizing, packaging and CIP cleaning are incorporated.
In fact, it is a complete “plug-and-play” pre-assembled egg processing factory.

The system is available in capacities from 300 to 2,000 liters per hour. The units are pre-assembled on a stainless steel skid and are extensively tested before shipment to ensure a quick and easy installation.

Ovolution is a proven technology delivering:

  • Better product performance
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Lower operational costs
  • Higher bacterial reduction (long shelf life)

The Ovolution system can be supplied with an automatic packaging system for a wide range of sizes and packaging materials, from 1 kg to 1.000 kg.

The Ovolution system is a proven reliable and valuable option for an easy and quick start in the industry of liquid egg products.

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